Founded in 2006, AVA Semiconductor is a fabless IC design company that has developed smart solutions based on microelectronics and integrated systems. Our goal is to offer services, intellectual properties (IP’s), and total system solutions based on advanced multi-disciplinary technologies in vertically integrated products and solutions that can be applied to the consumer electronics market as well as Internet of Things (IoT).

Leveraging our engineers expertise in IC design (RF, base-band, digital, mixed signal) and system integration, AVA semiconductor has provided, and will continue to provide, highly integrated and cost-effective IP/IC solutions for smart electronics applications such as smart cards, intelligent buildings, and IoT.

AVA Semiconductor also provides the essential IP blocks for data processing, security engines and voice/data communication. The company blends systems and software design capabilities with its IC design expertise to deliver high-performance hardware and software solutions for embedded applications and programmable SoC architectures.

AVA Semiconductor enjoys an excellent engineering group and an expert management team with a vast experience in design and implementation of ASIC products and embedded IP’s including 32-bit RISC processors, embedded memories, PCM CODEC, smart card, and SIM card.


In the software section, AVA Semiconductor has developed a proprietary Operating System (OS) dedicated to smart card and SIM card applications. This OS is fully compliant with Java Card 2.2.1 and Global Platform 2.1.1 Specifications and supports GSM 2.5G.